A Guide to Mobile Poker

Everyone is going mobile these days. The possibilities are endless. Whether you are doing shopping, banking or watching a TV series, it’s all mobile so it comes as no surprise the online poker industry has jumped on the bandwagon.

The online casino industry opened its virtual doors in 1994 when the island nation of Antigua and Barbuda passed its Free Trade and Processing Act. This meant that companies could obtain licenses to provide online gambling.

It is actually shocking to think that this happened so recently because the online casino business has since grown into a multi billion dollar industry. There is no stop to the innovation and growth of this exciting form of entertainment and the best part of it all is that there is serious money to be made, especially if you are playing poker.

Poker has been around for centuries and has undergone many changes. In the past you had to rely on land-based casinos with smoky back rooms to play the respected game. Then the online casino gave players the luxury of playing from the comfort of their own home but you need to admit that playing from your desktop is just so last season.

That is why more and more online casinos are developing poker games that are mobile compatible and it is a dream come true for poker fans across the globe. It gives you the opportunity to play from anywhere and any time whether it is on a bus or train or while chilling in a park. Poker is now literally accessible to anyone on this planet.

Benefits of Mobile Poker

Many games to choose from

When online casinos first launched mobile poker apps the variety of games were limited to mainly Texas Hold’em. But, because the industry is growing at such a rapid speed, you are now able to download one app that will allow you to play many poker variations such as Omaha, 7-Card Stud, Hold’em and many more. To download these apps don’t cost you a cent and the graphics and game-play is the same whether you are playing on a desktop or mobile.


Gone are the days where you had to get dressed up and travel miles to get to a land-based casino to play poker. Now you can play whenever you have a few spare minutes. The payment options are also incredibly convenient and secure which leaves you with more time to turn your investment into a profit while enjoying great entertainment.

Lower risks

Land-based casinos are expensive to maintain which result in high rakes, which is usually around 10% of the pot with a maximum of $5 per hand. When you play at a mobile poker casino you will be charged significantly less with the rake amounting to 5% with a $3 maximum. You also have the opportunity to play any bet amount so it doesn’t matter if you are a high roller or a beginner with a small bankroll.

Some apps also allow you to play for free but you need to remember that you won’t win any real money either. It is however a great way to start and as soon as you have more confidence you can play with real money.

Just remember that when you play with real money you should bet more strategically and not as aggressive as when playing in no-money games.

Multi tabling

Multi tabling is when you play more than one poker table simultaneously. This is only possible when you are playing online and you can play on as many as 20 tables at a time. This will give you a better chance of winning but it is advisable that you first build up strategy and skill before giving it a go. But, when you do, you can expect the big bucks to roll in.

Free Money Offers

Free money is the biggest perk when playing at a mobile poker casino. You will be offered many different bonuses that will give you the opportunity to play with free money while standing the chance to win real money.

Sign-up bonus

First you will be offered a sign-up bonus. This is when you will receive money after you’ve opened your account. No deposit is required so it is 100% free. It is usually not a lot of money but you will still get the opportunity to place bets that might fatten up your bank roll.

Match Bonus

When you want to make your first deposit, you will most likely be offered a match bonus. This is when the casino will match a percentage of your deposit amount. So, if it is a 100% match bonus and you make a $50 deposit, you will get $50 free money. You might be convinced already, but there is more.

Re-load Bonus

Then they make it even more alluring. A re-load bonus is when you will be offered a match bonus for a number of deposits made. It might be 100% match on your first deposit, 80% match on your second deposit, 70% match on your third deposit and 50% match on your fourth deposit. Fancy that. You can get your hands on generous amounts of free money that will give you a better chance of winning.

Daily Bonus

A bonus for everyday of the week. Yes, mobile poker casinos often run promotions on specific days of the week. It can be free tournaments, free money or free bets and all of these great bonuses will give you the opportunity to win real money while playing with free money.

Loyalty Bonus

You will also be able to take part in a loyalty program that will give you the opportunity to accumulate points that can be cashed in for real money. So, the more you play, the more free money you will offered.

A Beginner’s Guide to Online Poker

Online poker is going through an evolutionary stage, and it’s never been a better time to play poker. Online poker has seen the rise of a variety of poker sites giving a range of platforms for beginners to become familiar with the game.

Poker sites have become safer and more legit, withdrawing from unregulated jurisdictions which makes it the most appropriate time to join an online poker game.

The following is a guide for beginners who are ready to join the movement.

Getting started: choosing a poker room

The first step for a beginner is selecting a poker site. Different poker sites offer different offers. Thus, a player should understand their requirements before opting for a specific site. Some poker rooms are best suited for high stake players, and others are better for small stake players, some sites are cheaper than others, which don’t always imply the better choice. To determine the right poker room, a beginner’s first step is to determine what type of player they are.

Player traffic in poker rooms is an essential area of consideration. The main disadvantage of playing in a high traffic poker room is the time a player spends waiting for a game to start.

However, it also comes with its advantages like better bonuses, promotions and bigger prize pools.

Players may also opt for established poker rooms with probably better features and a better loyalty programs. Most poker rooms will offer welcome bonuses or packages to entice new players. This is another factor to consider while choosing a site.

Setting up an Account

Poker rooms may vary between download and instant play sites. Download poker rooms will need players to install the poker site application to their computers. Instant play sites can be automatically accessed through a website.

Whatever format a player chooses, they then have to register for an account by picking a username and password, plus a unique Alias which should be different from the username. It’s advisable that a player picks a username that’s hard to guess, to steer away possible hackers.

Making Deposits

Most sites have the option to play for free which a beginner should exploit to practice strategies, but they will later need to make an initial deposit to compete with other players and have a chance to win real cash.

Banking options may differ in different sites or jurisdictions; it’s up to the player to choose a method that suits them. Players depositing for the first time may require to go through a verification process that’s usually quick and requires the players to submit scans of their ID documents to the site.

Pick the Right Games

Beginners can easily be dazzled by high-stake games, but poker is about mastering the level a player is on at that moment. A new poker player should start off low to understand the game without losing cash to experienced players.

If a player joins a low buy-in tournament, he would easily find other casual players, giving him a chance against them. Many top sites will offer freerolls, daily or weekly offering players free cash or points. The freerolls don’t require any fee and could be a way to learn more about the mechanics of online poker and get used to the site.

Basic Rules: Texas Hold’em

Texas Hold’em is the most common variant of poker worldwide. A button determines the players to post the blinds. The big and small blinds are enforced bets to be posted by the two players to the left of the button. The reason for blinds is to ensure there’s money in each pot, luring players to get involved.

Every player is dealt two hole cards which are private, and so dealt face down. What follows is a round of betting and players decide whether to make a bet or exit the hand. Players who fold or exit the hand lose their contribution to the pot. The players are then dealt with three community cards face up on the table, called the flop, followed by another round of betting. A player’s objective in this round is to make the best 5 card hand.

After the flop is complete, a single card, called the Turn Card, is dealt face up. This marks another round of betting, and once it’s complete, a fifth card known as the River card is dealt as the final card.

Any players still in hand in the final round of betting will have a showdown. In this round, players turn over their hand, and each player with the best hand wins the pot. Bets always run clockwise from the dealer button.

Bankroll Management

Bankroll management is crucial in online poker to protect a player from a bad run. Good players learn to play within their bankroll to protect their investment. Every player – no matter the proficiency level – is prone to the highs and lows of the game.

The importance of a bankroll management is to get a player through a bad run which is inevitable to any kind of player. A healthy bankroll will help a player take losses and wait for their moment.

Common Beginner Mistakes

Online poker deserves a couple of games to become a master, and many new players make some mistakes, not because they’re reckless, but mostly because of lack of experience. Here are common errors beginners make:

1. Playing too many hands – new players are mostly not familiar with factors like stack size, position and strong hands which should be considered before playing a hand.

2. Lack of patience – beginners, will often avoid the boredom of folding, making them susceptible to playing unnecessary hands.

3. Too ambitious – beginners believe the higher the stakes, the faster a player can make money without regard to how quickly they could also lose money. Beginners often go on tilt.

Online Poker Bonuses

When you play online poker you’re able to fatten up your bankroll considerably when you take advantage of bonuses. Many players start their poker journey with free games, but the truth is, that you aren’t able to win real money when playing free games.

When you play with bonus money, however, all your winnings will be credited to your account, which means that you’ll also play for free but you’ll still stand the chance to win real money.

What’s a Bonus?

Let’s start with the basics: understanding the term ‘bonus’ is important. This is when an online casino gives you an opportunity to play with bonus money, while still standing the chance to win real money.

Bonuses are offered in many different shapes and forms – some better than others. Once the bonus money is credited to your account, you’re able to use the bonus money to place bets while playing poker. The value of the bonus money is the same as real money; the only difference is that you don’t pay for it.

Why Do Casinos Offer Bonus Money?

This question is always asked by new players. The online poker industry is incredibly competitive, and because poker sites want to attract more players, they offer players the opportunity to play for free. They want to lure you in and they know that if they offer you a brilliant promotion, chances are, you’ll choose them and become a loyal customer.

It’s a clever marketing strategy that’s obviously working because more and more players are enjoying all the perks that online poker has to offer on a daily basis.

Perhaps one of the greatest things about bonuses, is that they’re not exclusively offered to new players. Online casinos also want to keep their existing players entertained. This means you can expect to be offered some sort of promotion throughout your entire online poker experience.

As mentioned before, there are many different types of bonuses offered, so let’s explain.

Sign-Up Bonus

Sign-up poker bonuses are generally offered to new players when they open an account. The casino will offer you a specified amount of bonus money that will be credited to your account once it’s been verified.

The amount of bonus money might not be high, but it gives you the perfect opportunity to test the functionality of a casino before you spend any of your own cash. No deposit is required, which means that you’ve got nothing to lose.

Match Bonus

After you’ve played through your sign-up bonus and want to make your first deposit, you’ll be surprised by how generous poker bonuses actually are. A match bonus is when the online casino will match a percentage of your deposit amount. If it’s a 100% match bonus of up to $500 and you make a $100 deposit, you’ll receive $100 bonus money. Yes, this means that your chances of winning will be doubled.

Re-load Bonus

A re-load bonus is a match bonus that’s offered for a specified number of deposits made. The casino might offer you a 100% match bonus of your first deposit, a 75% match bonus on your second deposit and a 50% match bonus on your third deposit. You can sometimes get your hands on up to $5000 bonus money if you take full advantage of a re-load bonus.

There is always a maximum cap on these bonus offers, which means that the casino will match your deposit amount up to a maximum amount.


Poker tournaments are incredibly popular among poker enthusiasts and freerolls are a dream come true for any new poker player. This will give you the opportunity to take part in a tournament without having to spend any of your own money. It’s a fantastic way to sharpen your pencil, or to test different variations of the game before spending any of your own money.

Daily Bonuses

It never stops! Online casinos often run daily promotions which means that you’re able to play with bonus money every single day of the week. One casino might offer you a no-deposit bonus on a Wednesday night, while a different casino will offer you a 100% Match bonus on a Thursday night.

Sticky Bonuses

This bonus tends to offer generous amounts of bonus money but you aren’t able to withdraw the initial bonus amount.

So let’s say you’ve received $3000 bonus money and made $2000 winnings, you’ll only be able to withdraw the $2000 win and not the $3000 bonus money. But lets’s face it, it’s still a sweet deal because it gives you the opportunity to bet more aggressively – which is something you might not have done if you were playing with your own money.

Loyalty Bonuses

The more you deposit, the better the bonus offers. Online casinos reward players for their loyalty and will therefore constantly offer players promotions to keep them entertained. You can expect to be offered any of the above bonuses, plus, you’ll have the option to earn loyalty points.

Again, loyalty points differ from one casino to another, so one casino might give you 5 loyalty points for every $1 you deposit, while another might offer you 1 point for every $1 spent.

Players can exchange these points for money or bonus offers, so it’s highly advisable to take advantage of these offers. If you take advantage of all these different promotions, you’ll be able to make decent winnings while spending very little or nothing at all.

Mastering Your Poker Face

Everything you do at the poker table gives information to your opponents. Each, call, raise or fold says something to the opposition.

The way you stack your chips, how you put them in and how much you bet by also gives intel to your opponents. A great deal of this can be unavoidable, you have to check your cards, you need to see the board cards and you have to bet or raise.

People will be looking at you, as you look at them, hoping to see your emotional cues, to see how you react to the cards you’ve been dealt and to the flop, turn and river. Your body is essentially a transmitter at the table, particularly your face where a smile, a frown or an eye roll can speak volumes. One crucial element of live poker play is to dial down that frequency.


The most obvious issue you encounter in developing a poker face is that the one person you can’t see is yourself. It’s hard to know what information you offer up free when you play as your field of vision doesn’t allow it. Here’s where playing online comes in handy. Playing on your preferred site allows for a much more relaxed environment.

Nobody can see or hear you, nobody has the slightest idea of your thoughts or feelings either. It’s very easy to let yourself go in this situation. You might cheer when you get pocket aces, jump around when you win or a big pot or clench your fist when you pull off a good bluff. Conversely, you can sigh at getting dealt 7,2 or shout and swear if you suffer a bad beat or someone shows a bluff they’ve just put on you.

The first stage of creating your poker face is to tone things down online. Treat the whole game like a football match. You can go 2-0 down and win or you could go 2-0 up and lose. Save your celebrations or your grieving for full time, when the result is in and you’ve won or lost.

If you’re playing with others in the room they should have no idea how well you’ve done as you’ve sat there quietly during the whole session. Results may not be instant, but you’ll develop a sense of self-control that’ll stand you in good stead.


Having followed the above and practiced a few times, you’ll feel that your poker face is well on the way to being developed. However you still have the issue that the one person who can’t see you is you.

You can use a service like Twitch, as opposed to physically twitching which of course won’t help! Alternatively, you can film yourself on your phone as you play and get a session or two recorded so that you can watch yourself back and see how well you’ve done. This has the added bonus that you’ll be reviewing how you’ve played too and every player needs to analyse their own game.

As far as the video is concerned, you can watch it back and can even get friends to watch it back with you too. How did you react when you were dealt a big hand, if at all? Did you smile when you flopped a flush? Did you raise your eyebrows when someone fish called you all the way to the river and beat you?

Pick up on any expressions, tics or mannerisms that you’ve displayed and make a note to try and eradicate them in future games. Again it may take time but your perseverance will be rewarded.

Playing Live

Having followed the steps above you can now put the theory into practice live. It might be worth playing a home game to test your inscrutability but remember that even though you’re among friends everyone is your enemy in poker!

Wherever you play live the test is different here. The game is slower, players and dealers have different paces and people can forget to post blinds or antes which can be annoying but you cannot show your displeasure.

There’s nearly always a table chatterbox who might just be a friendly type or more likely is trying to get you to open up or distract you. All of these things can prove frustrating, but your face cannot give that away.

Retain the same posture for each hand and the same emotionless expression. Your heart may be pumping and the adrenaline flowing, you may fear that you’re about to lose a big pot or certain you’re about to win a bigger one but your expression must be tranquil in both cases.

Your all-in situations are where your poker face will come under scrutiny the most. You’ll either have a monster, will have tried to get someone out of the pot with a bluff or you may not be quite sure where you stand.

The flop, turn and river will obviously have a huge influence on that and over the course of the deal you could end up in all three situations, on a rollercoaster ride at the mercy of the deck. Here, if you’re the one who’s made the move, this is where your opponent(s) will be staring at you intensely, hoping for a flicker from you and you must remain still, impassive, taking everything you’ve learned and practiced into account. Give them nothing and they will take nothing from you.

Top 3 Best Online Poker Sites

Online poker players in the UK have a variety of online pokers sites at their disposal. This has been made possible by the UK’s very friendly laws about online gambling.

The availability of some poker sites makes the competition for players somewhat stiff. So it’s really no wonder that Poker sites are so sought after by residents of Great Britain. Through the use of promotional offers and other variety of attractions, the clients are enticed to sign up and play.

Online Poker rooms, in the UK, are widely spread and therefore accessible anywhere. Nevertheless, the sites must fulfill a couple of requirements to make sure it serves the residents satisfactorily. First, the site must align itself to the unique needs of UK players. The details on money conversion or money transfer process must be evident. The site must offer quality service throughout. Proper organization, functionality are other additional prerequisites.

Playing poker online is wholly legalized in the UK as long as one is over 18 years of age. The UK government has stringent regulations regarding online gambling license approval and distribution.

The UK’s gambling commission evaluates the performance of each website regarding software, financial transfer process, and customer support. The commission has to do a thorough examination of the website before the license is approved. More stringent measures are applied to foreign sites. They’re required to register with the UK commission and subscribe to their requirements.

Players aren’t required to pay any tax on any potential winning, but poker and gambling sites are subject to UK tax obligations. Many poker sites give out many bonuses and promotional offers to attract players. Players, therefore, enjoy these provisions. The online poker sites are numerous, in his article, we’ll be exploring three of the most popular ones.

888 Poker

888 poker is a properly managed and operated online poker site where much focus is placed on granting UK-based players plenty of advantages. This site is recommended for anyone playing online poker for the first time. They have a variety of cost-free poker games that would give a new player a variety of experience. 888 Poker is considered to be the second largest poker room in the world. It has some of the best player bonuses, warm conditions, and great software features.

Some factors have contributed to the success of 888poker as one of the most popular online poker enterprises internationally. First, the brand recognition and profile of 888 Casino is the biggest and most popular online casino worldwide. The site has gone through substantial improvements since it was launched in 2002.

With up-to-date software, many players from the casino have signed up for the site. There’s quite a number of rewarding and enticing offers for both new and old players. 888poker grants a variety of favorite events on regular basis and big cash prizes for monthly events.

888poker operates on their 888poker network which ensures the same amount of traffic throughout. The refined poker software namely Poker 6, has significant upgrades and great features like superior search functions, table selections, multi-table options, private games, poker cam tournaments and more! It’s a highly compacted, well-customized software that saves the players the trouble of having to deal with excess information.

Just like every leading gaming enterprise, 888poker offers a variety of promotions and bonuses. New players enjoy a 100% bonus on the first deposit of up to $400. They also benefit from First depositors challenge, a tournament specifically meant for first-time depositors. They also have weekly and monthly promotions regarding cash prizes and freerolls. There is traffic throughout, and one can get players for a poker session any time of the day.

888poker offers players a variety of choices regarding making deposits and withdrawals. Thus, the player has the luxury of selecting the ideal option that best fits his needs. One can use credit and debit cards from Visa and MasterCard, e-payment systems like Neteller, Skrill, PayPal, web money and wire transfers to make deposits.

As for withdrawals, the same methods as deposits is utilized. They may take 3-4 days. Fortunately, 888poker customer service runs an efficient customer care service desk with a list of frequently asked questions( FAQs).

Titanbet Poker

Titanbet Poker is another popular poker site under the supervision of gambling commission. Titanbet is a widely known brand and a reputable one-stop shop for a variety of gambling and betting services. One can access the website in any of several European languages. The site reached the peak in the world of poker when it bagged the 2012 Gambling Reader’s Choice for the best customer service. It’s the most popular regarding customer care.

Titanbet poker has a variety of poker games like Texas Hold’em, Omaha Poker, and Speed Poker. The software at Titan bet poker is free, and it isn’t hard to download. The file for installation is compact and can be stored in flash version. The software is a product of Playtech, a significant player in the gambling world. The site is also available for mobile phones.

Titanbet offers a range of bonuses. New players making their first deposits can earn a maximum of £1,200 which is computed as 200% of the figure deposited. A player can utilize the bonus money to increase the bankroll for playing in the tournaments and cash games. The bonus is earned as you bet on the deposit. Each wager helps you earn more points.

A variety of poker tournaments are available at Titanbet Poker. They range from deposit-free rolls to big tournaments with an assured prize pool. The traffic is run throughout the day so one can join the tables at any time of convenience. Some sit-n-go tables are cheap hence enabling any player with cash flow issues looking for an engaging action.

Titanbet poker tournaments can be accessed via satellites. Deposits and withdrawals at Titanbet can be made through a variety of methods including Skrill, PayPal Neteller, Visa, and MasterCard; The encryption method is used to guarantee high-level security and privacy.

William Hill Poker

William Hill Poker is one of the leading poker rooms, with a prestigious reputation. It also prides itself as an icon of customer support, benefits, and huge bonuses. One of the most active poker enterprise with the constant flow of visitors. It has numerous offers that range from a variety of poker games like Hold’em and Omaha, bonuses, a variety of promotions and freerolls for new players, many tournaments for experienced players, and buy-ins for international events.

The software running all the games is highly effective, operates smoothly and has multi-table support. It’s adequately optimized and provides excellent support for playing on many tables at the same time.

Some enticements are available to attract new players as well as retain old ones. A new player gets a 100% match bonus on the first deposit up to £1,200. There’s also a token to enable one to enter into New Depositor Gifts Plaza – an activity where every participant wins and can choose from a range of rewards like laptops, tablets, and other electronic appliances… how cool is that?!

There are entirely some free roll events running on a weekly basis. Traffic at the William Poker site is always heavy, as there are many events held on a daily and weekly basis. Some of the tournaments include knockout tournaments, steps tournaments, Jackpot Sit & Go and $4,000 bankroll builder.

Poker tournaments

Poker is thrilling card game that is filled with excitement. Thanks to the online casino industry this game that has been played foe centuries, have undergone a metamorphosis and is now undoubtedly one the most preferred games in the world.

It has many different variations but the main goal of the game in any of these different poker types is to to win the golden pot. Poker players make millions at tables across the world but which tournaments are topping the list?

World Series of Poker

The World Series of Poker Circuit event in New Orleans is something that must be marked on your calendar. It is a fantastic poker arena and allows players to get a seat in the most coveted tournament in the world – The World Series of Poker.

The WSOP main event is undoubtedly the highlight of the year for any poker enthusiast. Last year (2017), 7221 players put down a $10 000 entry fee to take part in this prestigious event.

Almost $68 million was up for grabs but there could only be one champion and it was Scott Blumstein. Not only did he walk away with the respected world champion title but he also won a whopping $8,150,000.

This year promises to be even more exciting. PokerGo and ESPN will make sure that fans across the globe will be able to view the live video coverage of the Main Event. Players will not only have the opportunity to win millions but they will win fame as well.

The WSOP Main Event will run from 2 – 14 July 2018 and will host 78 official gold bracelet events.

Caribean Adventure

Every year the Bahamas hosts one of the most exciting tournament in the world. The tournament is held around January every year and offers players the thrills of the exotic location in the Caribbean.

In 2018 Maria Lampropulos walked away with the title for $1,081,100 and a $30,000 Platinum Pass. The Main Event began with 582 players and after 6 days, it was only the Argentinian that remained.

It was the first time a woman won the title in the tournament’s history but it was not the first time that the 36-year-old made headlines. She won the party poker Millions Live for $1,255,004 in 2017 and her lifetime earnings is now set at $2,794,574, which is not bad considering that she started her poker career in 2014.

This win puts her third on the all-time money list in Argentina, just behind her long time boyfriend Ivan Luca. Interestingly enough, the couple played head to head in the Eureka Poker Tour Season 6 King’s Casino Event #8. Luca won the title and $115,649 but Lampropulos was not to far behind with earnings of $103,907. This is a power poker couple.

 European Poker Tournament

The tournament that is owned by PokerStars is the worlds most exciting poker tour with events held in different locations in Europe. Any player can qualify online for a seat to the Main Event, just like the WSOP.

The top players will go head to head at the EPT Grand Final that is held in the exclusive Monte Carlo Casino in Manaco. The tour usually runs from August to April.

In 2017 Raffaele Sorrentino won the title of this prestigious event, pocketing €446,714. It was well deserved because the 37-year-old player from Italy lived out of a suitcase for the past few years. His official home is Malta but like many other professional poker players, he is rarely at home. If you look at his earnings, it all seems with it.

World Poker Tour

The tournament is well known across the globe, maybe because of the final table is broadcasted. Steven Lipscomb is the force behind the successful tournament and has gone from attorney, to producer to CEO of WPTE.

It was only in 2008 when bracelets were being awarded to players but they did give previous winners this coveted honour. In 2009 WPTE was purchased by PartyGaming for $12,300,00.

Aussie Millions

Although you mostly hear about poker tournaments in Europe and the USA, it is actually incredibly popular down under. The biggest tournament held in Australia is the Crown Australian Poker Championship, better known as the Aussie Millions.

The final take place at the Crown Casino in Melbourne which has been the location since 1998. The prize pool is AUS 1.65 million so the winner of this tournament always walks away a millionaire.

In 2017 the winner of the crown was Shoran Vijayaram. Incredibly he won a seat to the tournament a week before by entering a $130-rebuy tournament at the Crown Casino. It was the best investment of his life because that $130 turned into a whopping AUS 1.6 million only a week later.

Prior to this miraculous win, he had never before made money in any of the events that he played. He beat the repeated Fedor Holz and Jeff Rossiter and that is impressive stuff.

New PokerGO Studio

When Poker Central launched the PokerGo app, it took the poker world by storm. It can be described as the Netflix of poker. Fans around the world went into excitement overload when the $10 a month application was released.

Give in to poker tournaments

It gives you access to live tournaments which include Super High Roller Bowl and World Series of Poker. TV favourites are also available like Poker After Dark. It is the first of it’s kind.

Because of the massive success, Poker Central announced that they will soon open their own 10,000-square-foot broadcast studio outside the Aria on the Las Vegas Strip. The PokerGo Studio will open it’s doors on 16 May 2018 and will be the exclusive home for all Poker Central-owned events.

The studio will have space for nine poker tables and can take up to 300 people, including space for 100 spectators and will not only host poker. ESP Gaming (Poker Central’s sister company) will stream esports from the PokerGo Studio, that will include a break desk, streaming lounge and multiple sound stages.

The special grand opening will take place from May 16 – 17 and will be opened with Poker After Dark. The PokerGo Studio will also be baptised by the fourth instalment of the Super High Roller Bowl when the $300,000 buy-in, 4-day event kicks off on 27 May.

Eleanor Gudger wins €140,000 in PartyPoker WPT500 trophy

The ladies of poker have made a comeback in 2014 and the best of them want significant paycheck in the last couple of months. Among those who added their names on the winner’s list, it is worth mentioning Eleanor Gudger won the PartyPoker WPT500 trophy. For her performance, she won €140,000, which is a significant amount for anyone who plays and live money tables.

Eleanor Gudger wins €140,000 in PartyPoker WPT500 trophyThe highlight of the year was the World Series of poker, where several winning participated and some of them survived the bubble stage. A total of $10 million went to the winner and the guaranteed prize pool was significantly exceeded, due to the fact that many players found it worthwhile to participate. Over the Internet, all the poker rooms have been trying to stand out from the crowd and PartyPoker made millionaires on a weekly basis.

The European Poker tour is anxiously anticipated by poker players, but the WPT500 tournament is more than a welcome distraction. The tournament that was eventually won by Eleanor Gudger had a total of 2133 players playing the violin, which created a significant prize pool. Many of them decided to paint the buy-in out-of-pocket, but there were enough who want their seat here as a result of winning qualifiers hosted by the aforementioned poker room.

Eleanor had to overcome a lot of adversity en route to winning the tournament and she took a leap of faith by buying in instead of participating in qualifiers. This is the path chosen by the vast majority of poker professionals who don’t have the time to waste in satellites. They make enough money at cash game tables and traditional tournaments can afford a buy-in fee of a few hundred dollars. This was an excellent investment because she ended up winning hundreds of times more.

She resides in Leicester and is a familiar face at local tournaments and cash games, but she also spent a lot of time playing poker over the Internet. This explains why she’s so used to playing aggressive poker in the late stages of the tournament and she didn’t hesitate to push opponents into a corner. She was beat against a couple of experienced professionals but she didn’t falter and when three handed play began, she was already ahead of the pack.

Her opponents tried to fire back and put her in a difficult spot, but by the time the final hand was dealt, Eleanor was the only player standing. Matthew Noonan finished second and won €85,000, which is more than a pale consolation for not winning the event. This is how the final table look like at the end of the PartyPoker WPT500 and the money collected by each player:

1Eleanor Gudger£140,000
2Matthew Noonan£85,000
3Hamid Rowshanei£55,000
4Derek Payne£35,000
5James Parker£25,000
6Richard Buck£17,850
7Haroon Hussain£13,250

Scott Calcagno triumphs in $1,650 No-Limit Hold’em Terminator event

The $1,650 No-Limit Hold’em Terminator event was by far the most exciting tournament of all those that took place in the first stage of the 2014 World Series of Poker Asia-Pacific. It attracted poker professionals and amateurs alike, with the bounties turning the heat up a notch and inviting players to shift into a more aggressive gear.,-Sam-Higgs-and-Rory-Young-Win-Bracelets-at-2014-WSOP-APAC has in-depth coverage of the entire event.

Scott Calocagno Winner ShotScott Calcagno was one of those who decided to pay $1650 out-of-pocket to participate in this tournament, but there was no shortage of poker professionals. Among those who were credited with an excellent chance of winning the event were Jeff Lisandro, Gary Benson, Andrew Hinrichsen and Joe Hachem. The Australian is one of the best players from this country and a proud winner of the World Series of poker main event, but this time, he didn’t even make the money.

The winner was guaranteed a prize exceeding AU$61000 which would mean a return on investment of almost 35 times. The prospect of winning a five digit amount early in the series was alluring for hundreds of players, with exactly 250 of them sitting down at the table. One by one they were sent to the rail and the third day of the competition saw only 27 players returning, with Scott among those leading the pack.

He had a significant stack to play with and he put it to good use, by pushing short stackers around and he doubled up in the first two hours of play. Action was far more intense compared to the previous stages and the final table was dominated by Nelson Maccini who quickly closed the gap separating him from the leader. As a result of eliminating three players in a row, Nelson overtook Scott and became the chip leader, a position that he retained all the way to the heads up.

The top five players five were all Australians, in fact of the nine finalists a single American was present, with Brandon Shack-Harris big also involved in the GPI Player of the Year race. He eventually lost the competition to George Danzer and in this particular event had to settle for $11,000. Calcagno survived the heads up despite having the shorter stack and want the first prize at the expense of Nelson Maccini:

1stScott CalcagnoAustraliaAU$61,250
2ndNelson MacciniAustraliaAU$37,845
3rdAndrew DalesAustraliaAU$27,343
4thDuncan McKinnonAustraliaAU$20,123
5thNick PiskoposAustraliaAU$15,075
6thBrandon Shack-HarrisUSAAU$11,488
7thHenry TranAustraliaAU$8,900
8thTony HachemAustraliaAU$7,008
9thJoe CabretAustraliaAU$5,605


Double Bubble tournaments to start at PokerStars

PokerStars is at the forefront of innovation and the poker room has recently announced the double bubble tournaments which are going to be introduced first during the 2015 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure. This is the first big tournament of the year and the vast majority of poker professionals travel to the Caribbean, to enjoy the best of both worlds.

onlinepokergamesOn one hand, they compete for a lot of money against some of the best opponents, on the other they spend some quality time away from cold and snow. PokerStars is behind this tournament and if past performance can be used as a reliable indicator for future results, it is only fair to assume that new records will be set in 2015. The prospect of new tournaments being introduced was welcomed by both poker professionals and amateurs, because they provide the kind of diversity that the game direly needs.

The rules are straightforward, with players being guarantee the fact that they have a decent chance at recuperating their investment. All they need to do is to finish in the first half of the pack, to have $1100 credited back regardless of the place they finish. Those who play over the Internet are not exactly surprised by the new tournaments, because similar competitions run live at PokerStars and other online poker rooms.

The “Double Bubble” tournaments is going to provide players with the kind of safety net that is supposed to further increase the number of participants. There are many who fear that by losing a single coin flip at the worst possible time, they might end up losing all their money. The very idea of being sent home with nothing after spending long hours at the tables is frightening to many and this is exactly what the poker room tries to address.

On the bright side, the ones who make a deep run in the tournament and win the competition don’t have to worry about the new rules, because they won’t lose anything. For the time being, PokerStars intends to apply these rules only to the main event, so those who are adamant to avoid this format will have plenty of side events to choose from. The general perception is favorable, because most poker players don’t like the idea of a lot of money being split among a very small group of participants.

The 2015 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure will be the first major event where the new rules will be used, but if they prove successful, many series will follow. It is far too early to try to come up with a definitive conclusion about the success of the “Double Bubble” tournaments. Those questioned were overwhelmingly positive, so the odds are stacked in the favor of this innovative concept.