Arthur Boatman crowned winner of WSOPC event

Arthur was not the first Boatman to win a WSOPC event with another player bearing the same name emerging victorious one year ago. They were both driven by the same unbridled enthusiasm and burning desire to win a significant trophy just a couple of days before the World Series of Poker 2014 tournament began. Arthur Boatman didn’t win a huge amount in New Orleans, but he only paid $1135 and increased his investment 44 times.

For some odd reason, there was no shortage of players willing to participate in this event and all of them dreamt about the possibility of winning the first prize. Those who simply made the money didn’t get rich overnight, but at the end of the day what really matters is to go home with more money than you started. Arthur Boatman is not necessarily a poker professional, despite the fact that he definitely has the skills for making the transition to this line of work.

onlinepokergamesHe makes his living as a hospital executive and he decided to take the day off to participate in the WSOPC event, which proved to be a good decision. He has limited experience at online poker tables and prefers to play in live casinos, where he can get a better read on his opponents. Arthur started playing poker casually but found this hobby to be very lucrative and engaging, so he gradually raised the antes.

This is by far the most important tournament he has won so far and it wouldn’t be far-fetched to assume that he will participate in the World Series of Poker 2014 main event. Boatman plays aggressive poker and apparently he has no hesitations in sticking to this bold style at the final table. It was exactly this approach that helped him outlast his opponents and he put the full weight of his stack behind his actions at the final table. These were the nine finalists and you can check out the money they made below:

1. Arthur Boatman – $49,665
2. Puneet Modha – $30,677
3. Ladarren Banks – $22,150
4. Kevin Eyster – $16,267
5. Nicholas Palma – $12,153
6. Farshad Doulatshahi – $9,235
7. John Holley – $7,134
8. Joshua Reichard – $5,602
9. Justin Bond – $4,469

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