Daniel “FakeSky” Alaei crushes Isildur1 at mixed games

Daniel Alaei2014 started slightly better for Viktor Blom, despite losing a couple of sessions in the first few weeks of January. One year ago, he won millions of dollars only to squander all his profits in February and the same happened all over again in mid-summer. This time, he appears to be climbing up the ladder one step at a time but he recently suffered a serious blow at the hands of Daniel “FakeSky” Alaei.

Those who follow Isildur1 at the tables know that the Swedish poker player has no hesitations in sitting down at games that he is not favorite to win. He played against some of the best No Limit Texas Hold’em players in the world the 2013 and lost significant amounts and now he took a leap of faith with mixed games. He was somewhat unlucky to face Daniel Alaei, who is widely regarded as one of the best players of this genre.

He confirmed his superiority by winning $111,000 in 111 hands, which prompted Blom to leave the table immediately and shift to $500/$1000 CAP PLO. Daniel Alaei didn’t play overly aggressive, but both players were dealt strong starting hands and they decided to go all the way, with Daniel winning all important pots. The entire session lasted less than half an hour, which is not a record but still a short session that Viktor decided to end early.

He did much better at pot limit Omaha tables despite the fact that once again he was pit against one of the best players of the genre. Bttech86 made a lot of money in 2013 playing exclusively $500/$1000 CAP PLO, but this time he was no match for the Swede. He dug himself into a massive hole in the first couple of hands and lost $170,000 but he offset most of these losses, eventually conceding a five digit amount.

Just like Viktor Blom who realized that he is beaten and moved on, did be the German made the transition to the $200/$400 CAP PLO tables. He took his opponents by surprise and in 40 min. he won back all his money and some more, while causing a big dent to Harry Cassagrande, Ola Amundsgard, Benny Spindler and Hac Dang. Among those who also finished the day with a big smile on their faces were “jLlama”, “forhayley” and “yurasov1” who won a combined amount of $250,000.

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