Doug Polk wins $1.6 million in Bellagio $100k Super High Roller

Those who are under the impression that everything that matters in the world of poker this June and July occurred at the Rio Casino tables, should have a conversation with Doug Polk. The poker professional has a reputation for playing over the Internet at nosebleed limits against some of the most aggressive players in the world. Until recently he has been only mildly successful in live tournaments, but in 2014 he reached another milestone by winning $1.6 million in Bellagio $100k Super High Roller.onlinepokers

The highly anticipated tournament attracted a total of 37 players, which is quite an impressive number, given the fact that each of them had to pay a six digit amount out-of-pocket. There are no qualifiers running online for such tournaments and those who want to play among the best poker players need to take a leap of faith. expected that the winner to receive in excess of $2 million, but the numbers were eventually contradicted, even though $1.65 million is not an amount to frown upon.

The tournament began on July 4, which is a day of special significance for American players and it made perfect sense to choose it for this glamorous event. This is in fact the second Bellagio $100k Super High Roller held in 2014, and the first event took place just a few weeks ago. It goes without saying that there is a lot of interest for such tournaments and there is never a shortage of players ready to go a step further when it comes to playing high-stakes poker.

Not surprisingly, the vast majority of those who sat down at the tables were poker professionals, with many of them also competing in the World Series of poker. Among those were sent to the rail in the first day of the competition were many bracelet holders. On the other hand, there were a couple of poker pros who made the final table and Eric Seidel, Philipp Gruissem, Brian Rast and Dan Smith brought the healthiest stack when action began in the final day.

Dan Smith was the first to be eliminated and Eric Seidel was the last poker professional standing, winning $366,000 for his accomplishment. He outshined Frenchman Fabrice Touil after winning the big pots against him, but was unable to survive long enough to reach three handed play. The surviving players didn’t even contemplate the possibility of a deal and instead were poised to fight until the bitter end.

Jacob Schindler and Alberto Gomez were trailing the leader and they were desperate to win a big pot before heads-up began. The latter took more chances and when he shoved his chips against Schindler, he emerged victorious, setting the stage for an epic confrontation with Doug. Unfortunately for him, the experience poker Pro who uses the nickname “WCGRider” when he plays over the Internet was more than a match for him.

The runner-up had to settle for less than $1 million, while Polk got $1.65 million as shown below:

  1. Doug Polk – $1,648.350
  2. Alberto Gomez – $915,750
  3. Jacob Schindler – $549,450
  4. Erik Seidel – $366,300
  5. Fabrice Touil – $183,150

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