Eleanor Gudger wins €140,000 in PartyPoker WPT500 trophy

The ladies of poker have made a comeback in 2014 and the best of them want significant paycheck in the last couple of months. Among those who added their names on the winner’s list, it is worth mentioning Eleanor Gudger won the PartyPoker WPT500 trophy. For her performance, she won €140,000, which is a significant amount for anyone who plays and live money tables.

Eleanor Gudger wins €140,000 in PartyPoker WPT500 trophyThe highlight of the year was the World Series of poker, where several winning participated and some of them survived the bubble stage. A total of $10 million went to the winner and the guaranteed prize pool was significantly exceeded, due to the fact that many players found it worthwhile to participate. Over the Internet, all the poker rooms have been trying to stand out from the crowd and PartyPoker made millionaires on a weekly basis.

The European Poker tour is anxiously anticipated by poker players, but the WPT500 tournament is more than a welcome distraction. The tournament that was eventually won by Eleanor Gudger had a total of 2133 players playing the violin, which created a significant prize pool. Many of them decided to paint the buy-in out-of-pocket, but there were enough who want their seat here as a result of winning qualifiers hosted by the aforementioned poker room.

Eleanor had to overcome a lot of adversity en route to winning the tournament and she took a leap of faith by buying in instead of participating in qualifiers. This is the path chosen by the vast majority of poker professionals who don’t have the time to waste in satellites. They make enough money at cash game tables and traditional tournaments can afford a buy-in fee of a few hundred dollars. This was an excellent investment because she ended up winning hundreds of times more.

She resides in Leicester and is a familiar face at local tournaments and cash games, but she also spent a lot of time playing poker over the Internet. This explains why she’s so used to playing aggressive poker in the late stages of the tournament and she didn’t hesitate to push opponents into a corner. She was beat against a couple of experienced professionals but she didn’t falter and when three handed play began, she was already ahead of the pack.

Her opponents tried to fire back and put her in a difficult spot, but by the time the final hand was dealt, Eleanor was the only player standing. Matthew Noonan finished second and won €85,000, which is more than a pale consolation for not winning the event. This is how the final table look like at the end of the PartyPoker WPT500 and the money collected by each player:

1Eleanor Gudger£140,000
2Matthew Noonan£85,000
3Hamid Rowshanei£55,000
4Derek Payne£35,000
5James Parker£25,000
6Richard Buck£17,850
7Haroon Hussain£13,250

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