Reimbursements continue in June for Full Tilt Poker players

It’s been a while since action returned to Full Tilt Poker and most of the new players have no idea what Black Friday meant for former customers. Back then, those who had an account with this poker room got their funds seized indefinitely and it took several years for the Department of Justice to begin the reimbursement process.

The authorities work together with Garden City Group to make sure that the operation goes silky smooth and those who were entitled to reimbursement will get their share. Everything went according to the plan and earlier this year, the first players got a portion of their money back, Reimbursements Full Tilt Poker players

They had to go through a process that included the submission of various documents, but at the end of the day, they got the money they were eligible for. This left $80 million to be reimbursed and this is exactly what the DOJ now tries to achieve together with the same company. None of this would’ve been possible if PokerStars hadn’t purchased the struggling company, as this is where the money came from in the first place. They are diligently working with the authorities to speed up the process and conclude it in 2014.

June 12 was the deadline for those petitioners who had approved applications to submit their forms and the money is already flowing towards their account. It is very important for players to provide complete and accurate banking information, so that the money can be sent without unnecessary delays. Those who don’t comply with these regulations will have to wait a bit longer, until the ones in charge will send the money via Postal Service, which is known to take of these longer.

The bottom line is that Full Tilt Poker players are finally getting what is rightfully theirs and virtually all of them can play their favorite game, without worrying about the security of their funds. The process took longer than expected and for many careers, the blow caused by Black Friday proved to be deadly, but there were plenty who survived. Once Garden City Group concludes its reimbursing activity, it can be business as usual and neither existing nor prospect of members will have a reason to worry.

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