Online poker

Fake it till you make it – sing to Lady Gaga’s poker face and jump online!

Have you fallen for the latest craze on the planet yet? If not, it is time you did! Online poker has been growing in popularity ever since it made its first breakthrough in the years 2000. And it does not take much to test it out – surely not with the huge range of choices available nowadays.

What is online poker exactly?

Simply put, it is the traditional poker card game that you may have seen James Bond playing in one of his 007 movies…but, at this day and age, happening over the internet. With just the click of a button, you are carried away into the thrill of an old but extremely popular game with a modern cover, so that you can play in the comfort of your own home and whenever you are “in the mood”. No wonder that Dutch Boyd, a famous American poker player compares online poker to sex. In fact, he is known for stating that “Poker is a lot like sex, everyone thinks they are the best, but most don’t have a clue what they are doing!” Quite a silly statement in actual fact. Could be that Lady Gaga’s song was inspired from exactly this quote, singing about “poker face” in and out of her bed.

Joking apart, online poker is so popular because it is…fun! It is a game of strategy and logic. It is a game where you have to act, bluff and keep your cool, even when deep down your nervousness may be itching you. Online poker is about skill. It rewards skill. It is an intellectual and thrilling game where tact and composure are your sworn allies and they can lead you to win some real money.


Online poker is on an upward trend because it is easily accessible. The digital revolution that kicked off in the last two decades, especially with the spread of internet use and smart devices like the smartphones, tablets and now even Smart TVs, created waves not only in the way we do business, in the way we shop and in the way we look for information. It also created waves in the way we look for entertainment.

Depending with which online casino you are betting, online poker is readily available through an app twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. No extra effort is needed to go out and socialize, spend money on an entrance fee, pricey cocktails or packets of cigarettes. You can save that money to play online poker, get confident and work on your strategy. Online poker tends to be more fast-paced but it comes with less risk because the player can play for small amounts of money.

Yes, that is true. The competition between online casinos to attract new clients is nowadays so tough that the player seeking the thrill of online poker can also get it through welcome packages offering some really attractive cash bonuses. You can use this to explore the game and practice. On top of that, online casinos offer a non-stop client support service. You can safely try out the game a number of times by using these cash bonuses, rather than immediately start drawing from your own money. When the bonuses are over, you can try to either register with another online casino or start playing EUR 5 – EUR 150. This is more than enough to get the thrill of the game going and possibly to also win.

No one to see you body language

One thing that may perhaps be missing from today’s online poker is the body language. But why focus on body language, get nervous analyzing the other players when all you really need to do is just focus on your cards, on your strategic mind and on your target of….winning.

That was what made Chris Moneymaker win at online poker. Thanks to him, the online poker industry made a huge breakthrough when as an amateur poker player, he managed to qualify himself for the main event of the World Poker Series simply by participating in a tournament online. That cost him 40 dollars and he ended up towing 2.5 MILLION dollars by winning the tournament. What a big bang!

The final recommendation is therefore…do not miss out on the fun of online poker. Make use of those never-ending winters and never-approaching summers to kill that drag, pull that poker face and play online.

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